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In this section you will find description of all steps, related to ticket sales, analytics, statistics and other additional options, which will help you sell out your events.

Creating an event

After the Contract is signed our managers will provide you an access to your personal account page. If you want to start selling tickets, send an e-mail to sales@radario.co. The main function of your personal account page is creating events and adding ticket information.

While creating an event you can select “finish time”, “multiple-day event” if you have a long-term event. You can also replace the whole date and time box with your own text.

Our system allows you adding multiple ticket types:

  • Ticket list (with seats);
  • Ticket list (entrance tickets);
  • Individual tickets;
  • Tickets on an interactive seat map.

Go to “Tickets” section and choose an “Interactive seat map” tab. After that select an existing seat map by name (you can create your own seat map, but we are happy to draw it for you).

When you click on a sector you will see seats. Add tickets by pressing “New price category” button located under a sector image. After that choose required seats on the map. Then press “Ready” and “Save interactive seat map” buttons.

Quota assortment:

  • By price;
  • By name;
  • In selected order.

Events and tickets formatting:

  • You can enter your text instead of typical event date. For example “Details coming soon”;
  • You can add additional ticket information;
  • For all tickets and all events (rules of conduct, refund terms);
  • For a specific event;
  • Adding and image for a specific event.

You can add images: banners, advertising, artist’s autograph, partner’s or sponsor’s logos to the footer of your ticket.


Sales channels setting:

  • For all events;
  • For a specific event;
  • For a specific ticket quota (for example, 700 rubles to radario.ru and partner’s websites, 600 rubles for vk.com app and organizer’s widget).

You can set sales rights by channels for a specific quota by pressing “On default” button. This will help you to regulate client flow and stimulate sales via your own sources.

Widget modification

This option allows you choosing the most convenient way to show a ticket-selling button for your event. Remember, the more clients notice your button, the more purchases you will get.

  • One event button;
  • Button for several or all events;
  • Integrating a widget to a website structure: as a separate section or just for one event;
  • Widget modification into a table for group events (useful for frequently repeated events);
  • Individual widget settings (elements and button colors).


  • By sales channel;
  • By cashier;
  • For a selected period;
  • Promo-codes statistics;
  • Summary statistics.

Statistics shows how many tickets were launched, sold, which quotas were discontinued and also indicates sales by channels.


  • Analytics of clickthroughs, purchases, conversion for a selected period;
  • Possibility to add utm-marks to track the efficiency.

There is a possibility to track link or widget clickthroughs. This will help you tracking your ad campaign, regulate and adjust it to make it more effective.


  • Create a show-case for your merchandise;
  • Certificates.

In addition to effective ticket sales you can also sell goods.  There is also a possibility to create certificates (as goods) that can be used to pay for any organizer’s tickets.


Our new tools, which don’t have analogues on Russian market, will allow you efficiently working with your client database.

Marketing tools will automatically work to increase your audience’s loyalty and increase number of clients. By setting tools you can reach up to 30% sales growth.

Please check tools, which are available for you:

  • Creating questionaires of any kind (phone number collection, marketing research);
  • Promo codes: 1) Creating various one-use promo codes; 2) Creating a “pretty” multiple-use promo code, 3) Creating promo codes in percentage or in rubles (NB! Promo code spreads to the whole order, no matter if there are 1 or 10 tickets in it);
  • Uploading e-mail addresses and social media IDs of your audience;
  • Audience segmentation by any parameter (purchase frequency, taste in music, location, etc.);
  • Sales increasing services, which use e-mail marketing with or without discounts.

Quotas distribution and tracking

  • Add contractors (ticket operators, distributors);
  • Generate transfer and refund acts;
  • Returning quotas to sales in Radario system;
  • Quotas tracking;
  • Quotas distribution by contractors with or without extra charges.

You can distribute and track quotas from one window without using Excel tables. All quotas, returned from contractors, automatically go back to sales in Radario system.

You can increase your sales network up to unlimited number of sales channels

You can increase number of sales channels by installing buttons to apps, external sources and social media communities:

  • Install buttons to partner’s websites by copying and pasting;
  • Install Facebook app to all partner’s communities;
  • Integrate mobile module to your app;
  • Adapted widget for smartphone purchase;
  • Install vk.com app to all your partner’s communities.

Automated working station (“Live box office”)

In addition to efficient e-tickets sales on your website you can also launch sales via box offices. Automated working station allows launching “live tickets” from a quota, which is added to Radario system.

  • Any number of box offices;
  • Tracking sales by cashier during a selected period;
  • Ticket reservation (tickets automatically go back to sale after 24 hours);
  • Re-printing possibility in case of ticket defects;
  • Possibility to sell classic printed tickets.

Customer care service

Our customer care service provides all technical support from 11 am to 8 pm on the phone and via e-mail 7 days per week. Support team will answer your client’s questions about events and will assist during ticket purchase and provide automated money refund if needed.

Automated refund

Our customer care service automatically provides refunds in case if an event is cancelled or rescheduled and on agreement with an organizer. We inform our users about any changes within 24 hours.

Our equipment helps you with ticket control management:

  • By name list (if you sell individual tickets);
  • By ticket number list (if you’ve sold less than 100 tickets);
  • Using any kind of smartphone (we created a special software for Android called Radario.scan);
  • Using 1D scanner (this equipment can only scan printed tickets);
  • By uploading Radario barcodes to “Infotech” system;
  • Using 2D scanner (this equipment can scan printed tickets and gadget screen as well).


Depending on event frequency and your requests, you can discuss reporting form and frequency with your account manager.

To proceed with money withdrawal you should ask your account manager to create a report (for a certain time period or specific event). Your manager will create a report and send it to you by e-mail. When you check and approve this report please sign it and send a scan to an account manager.  Then we will transfer money to your account according to the Contract terms.

Other options:

  • Uploading barcodes according to set format;
  • Possibility to add side barcodes to Radario tickets;
  • Possibility to upload side promo codes (for example “Magafon” promo codes);
  • Off-site festivals maintenance on a turnkey basis.;
  • “No tickets” notification (for example “Last tickets are available in the box office”);
  • Closing tickets before an event starts;
  • Possibility to set currency (RUR, USD, EUR);
  • Possibility to create a widget in different languages;
  • API quotas distribution;
  • Possibility to adjust commission terms: 1) Radario commission is charged from an organizer and payment system commission is charged from a client (on default); 2) Radario and payment system commissions are charged from an organizer (final ticket cost, upon request); 3) Radario and payment system commissions are charged from a client (organizer doesn’t pay anything, all services are paid by a client);
  • Communication server;
  • Ticket realization via Euroset, Sofit (coming soon);
  • Radario marketing campaigns (for example “Theatre.go”).

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