How to use questionnaires?

Questionnaires were created to get a feedback from your clients. They help you to learn more about your audience. To create a questionnaire, choose an event in your personal account page. At the bottom part of the event page you will see a “Create a questionnaire” button.


Questionnaires can be optional or mandatory. If you choose the first option, user will be able to skip this step and go straight to the payment confirmation. If you want a mandatory questionnaire, your client won’t be able to finish a purchase without answering your questions. Let’s have a look at key elements of a questionaire:


  • “Questionaire title” – here you should enter a name of your poll;
  • “Box settings” – the main part of your questionaire. Here you can add/delete questions, change a text, choose each question type, out of 3 possible categories: text field (user can write an answer in free format), choosing several options from the list (user can choose one or more answer options from the answer list you offer), one of the list (user can choose only one option from the answer list you offer);
  • “Final message” – here you can add a message which you client will see after he/she finishes a questionaire;
  • “Cancel” and “Save” buttons allow you cancelling your questionaire or saving it.

Check how users see your questionaire:


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